Artist - Game Designer - 3ds Max-oholic

Andrea Borchardt


About the Artist


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Head modelTransformers: Fall of Cybertron - Head modelBaby Alive Character ModelsTyrannosaurus Rex
Ornate Hawk GriffinGiant Peruvian CentipedeRoyal Tabryilian Wyvern

Environments & Props

Sunny Forest Environment ModelMr. Potato Head: Tatermobile vehicle modelMusic StageHummingbirds and Flowers
Cave Crystals

User Interfaces

Spaceship Selection ScreenOld Island Map - User InterfaceScripps Spelling Bee - Game Options MenuScripps Spelling Bee - Word Search Minigame
Scripps Spelling Bee - Honeycomb Hunt MinigameMusic Edutainment Game - Keyboard InterfaceDog show training game user interfaces

Graphic Design

Company logo and web/print banners for The Red GeckoCompany logo for PlayfoundryCompany logo for Phanatix InteractiveTitle logo for mobile game Swift

Digital Paintings

Dragon hoard illustrationCharacter concept art - old maidCreature concept art - swamp monsterCharacter concept art - Yulera


Male Portrait StudyMale and Female Figure StudyAnatomy Overlay StudyLife Drawing of a Nude Lady


Wyvern Animations

Game Design & Programming

Swift: an arcade shooter game for Android, iPhone, and iPad